Is your religion true because you believe it, OR do you believe your religion because it is true?

It has been argued by some that belief is neither rational nor coherent; that it does not need to be affirmed by evidence of any kind. Others stubbornly hold on to beliefs that blatantly contradict common sense, while validating their illogical stance with the cry of, “This is what I believe!” as if belief in something renders it truth. If this assertion is valid, one can believe just about anything.

Yet belief that does not rest on solid evidence is little short of mere speculation. Belief does not absolve one of the responsibility for rational thought and careful examination of the evidence. One doesn’t just believe, one believes in something. Faith in the irrational is nonsensical; it would be better not to believe than to have such a faith.

It is for this reason that CAMPUS p.r.e.s.s. is delighted to introduce Cross-Examination. The fruit of one man’s search for convincing evidences for belief, it will challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and master the courage to weigh the evidence. We encourage you to read it with an inquiring and honest mind. It may leave you no farther than it found you. But it just may lead you to truth. It’s a risk, but one that we think is well worth taking because blind faith is just that: blind.